Science and Health agree on Toxicity in your body

Science and Health agree on Toxicity in your body

When I was on the farm helping my Grandparents, there was no mention of Organics or organic foods. No mention of Essential oils either. In addition we never knew what A2 Milk was nor that Casein in Milk was a culprit.

Here I am with my Dad on the farm tractor. My mother was a farmers daughter literally and my Dad from California. This was an old John Deere, later on I road on the Farmall Tractor  my Grandfather had.

We did not have major companies that pushed Genetically modified foods. In all, when we sat down to eat; the majority was from the farm. Grown, raised, harvested, cared for by my Grandparents. As a small boy helping Grandfather I knew where milk came from, what a milk separator was, how to feed the animals, and what flood irrigation was.

Get healthy young living
Get healthy young living

It was the presence of real butter from real cows, go figure that we enjoyed. While mom and dad in the city bought margarine like many others of our day; we never knew that Margarine was bad for you. The salt in the oily substance made the spread taste good. However, it was not Pink salt or other natural salt which actually had good things in it. We had fresh milk to drink and the cream from the milk was separated. Grandmother had  a Milk, Cream, and egg route in town. She delivered fresh items to people that enjoyed the finest of these items. If we ate meat, it was from our animals grown by my grandparents efforts. If we ate vegetables,  fruit, or had jam; these were canned by my grandmother. In all, as I look back on it; we never worried about those things we have to think about today. I really don’t think I enjoyed the food as much as I should have. But seriously, we never drank the humongous soft drinks and coffee drinks that people do today.  I never lived on cookies, ice cream, and candy. If I ate a cookie or had a piece of cake; it was homemade by my grandmother or mom. If we enjoyed ice cream, more than likely we did so eating my Grandparents homemade ice cream. In short, while things were not perfect; the foods and the way we ate were different.

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Today Doctors like Gundry, Mercola, and others point out the serious dangers in the foods we eat today. For instance Dr. Josh Ash; a young doctor that is certified in natural medicine, chiroparactic, and a clinical nutritionist wrote an indepth article on the “21 foods you Should never eat”. His conclusion at the end of the article was this:

  • Final Thoughts on Health Foods You Should Never Eat
    So what’s the moral of the story?

    • You are what you eat. Choose food sources that are less processed.
    • Get to know your local farmers and support grass-fed, organic operations.
    • The more you choose to take in only food and beverages that bring life to your body, then the more you will enjoy life.

His thoughts are on less processed foods, know your local farmers, get back to grass-fed organic operations. This brings me back to Grandma and Grandpa and all those great foods I enjoyed as a young man. Both sides of my family were in the business. My one was a Cattle Rancher in Grass Valley California whom I did not see often enough. My other grandparents had a farm and it was on this farm I saw the real foods and real work and the real lifestyle of an hardworking Christian Farmers.

Moreover, it was Dr. Gundry and his two books that changed our lives; my wife and I. We learned of the toxic mess that is what is in our food supply. We learned of lectins, the problems of GMO’s, Grains, sugars, and more.  Dr. Gundry writes in an indepth article “Why Modern Food is Destroying our Good Bacteria” which details the problems and why your body is not doing so good!  Dr. Gundry writes:

In the last 50 years, we’ve been bombarded with all kinds of processed foods letting loose a whole new range of lectins. Most recently, the food industry has added genetically modified organisms (GMOs) like soybeans, corn, tomatoes, and canola to the market. These lectins are brand new to us, and with the introduction of antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals – well, we’re literally destroying the gut bacteria responsible for helping our bodies process these lectins. Our immune systems are getting mixed messages, and the upset in communication is wreaking havoc on our bodies.

Understanding what Dr. Gundry is saying about lectins, your gut flora, and other important items is key to getting back your health. Foods, natural, organic, grown as God intended them to be grown can be beneficial to health and healing. Dr. Mercola also warns of this and has written numerous articles on the health of the gut, eating fermented foods, and getting prebiotics and probiotics. The very same warnings that Dr. Gundry has proven to be vital. Dr. Mercola in an article titled “Go with your Gut” discusses the gut microbiome, he says in part:

More attention than ever is being put on your gut health, and understandably so because 70 to 80 percent of your immune function resides within your gastrointestinal tract. As such, optimizing your gut microbiome is a worthwhile pursuit that will have far-reaching effects on your physical health and emotional well-being.

All three Doctors I quote today are in fact plainly warning you of the toxic nature of the foods, the way we eat, and the way we think. In short as Dr. Gundry says of Americans, that we are “eating ourselves to death”! While bugs, animals, and others in nature will not eat something if it hurts them; today “Americans are eating foods that will kill them or make them very ill”!

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