Living Life Creating Good Food to Eat

Living Life Creating Good Food to Eat.

Living Life can be a trial and error project. Many don’t make it around long enough to live to their full potential. There are many enemies of life and the paramount enemy is death. Death uses many devices to shorted life span. However before I go on, let me say; that Jesus Christ the Son of Almighty God and our Father died on that cross to deliver us from death. The second death, the grave, and much more. So while we have an enemy like death that may not go away, we have already overcome death and the grave. Excuse this interruption for a bit to let you know, all is not lost.

Living Life Creating Good Food to Eat

In our struggles,  I can tell you my Grandparents, from both sides did have their own worries. One had a cattle ranch and the other a farm. The one thing I have written about is the great food: real butter from their own raised Holsteins and the milk. Along with that luscious heavy cream, and all those things you make with them. Then there are the eggs, farm fresh. Meat was all farm raised. Canned vegetables, fresh vegetables, gardens, and acres of corn and other things that gramps grew. In short, a great big ”’YUM!”’

I never heard of lectins, glutens, and many other things we may worry about today. Dr. Steven Gundry who I have discussed has covered the lectin issue extensively. Tara and I follow as close as we can his books, develop foods, and recipes. We do this to follow the lifestyle that provides healthier living as we grow older.

Find Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution on Amazon Diet Evolution
Find Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox on Amazon Plant Paradox

There is no doubt that we both tell people about the findings of Dr. Steven Gundry to all whom we meet. The evidence is in his book [see links at end of article] and in his research.

Having said that, we also utilize the Seed to Seal Essential oils of Young living. I can tell you absolutely here that we also develop our own products, oil mixes, and they are used to target problems we face in our bodies. While we are not doctors, we also tell you to seek professional advice; so to speak on E.O.’s.  We have both found E.O.’s to be of beneficial value in helping our health and problems that occur in our bodies.

Seed to Seal quality
Seed to Seal quality

The making of Bread, for instance has been a project for me. I was a scratch French baker making all the great things like croissants, Napoleon’s, creams, tarts and more.  I also was a scratch baker of American items for our restaurants and kitchens I worked in. So bread and it’s accompany desserts have been a foundation for me. So I purposed myself to make bread that was lectin free, gluten free, sugar free, and one that tasted good. Tara and I both love this bread. I did research, used other mixes like those from Bob’s red mill. Plus I did experiment and had failures. but I learned the must haves in bread mix’s, and how to re-learn bread making. That is, from breads and flours with gluten before to now where I have no such thing.

I have pursued this avenue for better health. A lifestyle free of pain like before due to lectins and high sugar. Through education and those like Dr. Gundry plus the use of Young Living E.O.‘s, we have found a secret. While we do have some battles, the truth is, we have lost weight and feel much better. We are detoxing and making things as we can which we will use.

A healthier lifestyle is our pursuit, come join us.

It is not always easy, but our goal is to help people on that road to health as best we can.

Join us, get discounts and start your own healthy lifestyle!

Join with us as we move through this together, here is a link for you to get started with Healthy Young Living and is on our product site.

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