Featured on Healthy Young Living

Featured on Healthy Young Living

This website and our goal is to live Long Healthy lives, as Dr. Gundry says, “Live a Young Old Life!

Check out Young Living, Non-Toxic, and Old Age!

This website and our goal is to live Long Healthy lives, as Dr. Gundry says, Live a Young Old Life!

Get Healthy and Have Young Living at an Old Age

To Get Healthy and live to a ripe age is a goal, but at that old age you can have Young Living. This is the hope for all people; I believe it is anyway. If your going to live to be a ripe old age, it helps not to be healthy and living a toxic free lifestyle. The problems today are much worse than when my Grandfathers [both of whom had land and livestock. One had a Cattle Ranch the other a Farm] when I knew them. They passed on and their lands were sold. Anyway, the fresh cream, butter, eggs, and meat; along with vegetables were the best. I never saw Grandmother or Grandad spray any chemicals on the garden or use other things per-say on the farm.

Today at the WIBR/WARN Radio; Tower and I are on a quest. That is to make sure we are Healthy and work to detoxify our lives. We have like many others lost weight and regained. Fought against many things that can infect and affect your body. But now we are winning in this avenue.

We encountered a video of Dr. Steven R. Gundry M.D. He is the foremost expert in the field of micro bio and your gut. The video dealt directly with many issues we were concerned about. Does Losing weight seem impossible? Can you feel the weight of your body and what ails you? This book was the beginning of our journey into the world of those “Genes” which are killing you! Not to mention, expanding your waistline, and making you feel miserable. I whole heartedly give this book thumbs up and five stars. Dr. Gundry is one of the world’s leading expert in this field of genes, micro bio, and today the foods which are killing you. His list of healed and excited and healthy patients is a testimony to the proof of what he is saying. check out this book, it is recommended reading. Again, it is an amazing book and I personally and heartedly recommend it. You can find his book Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Here!

You can find his Second book, which I read as well  The Plant Paradox here!  He has extensive lab research, Pulitzers, and the Medical Experts behind his work. Proven results, if you are suffering; then look no farther.  This reveals the Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods that cause Disease and Weight Gain. What we found out by reading actual true testimonies of what the results are from following his science and proven methods were also amazing.

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Young Living, Non-Toxic, and Old Age

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Young Living, Non-Toxic, and Old Age

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Featured on Healthy Young Living
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There is no doubt that today there are tons of websites and the information can be overwhelming at times.

This website and our goal is to live Long Healthy lives, as Dr. Gundry says, Live a Young Old Life!

The products we feature on our Young Living product site are the latest and have proven results that can empower your body to heal.

The Plant Paradox is a very good read and important health wise!

Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution is the first book of his I read. It is another one I recommend.